Drinking in Japan – where should you go?

Drinking in JapanThe people in Japan love to get drunk and believe me, they get drunk very quickly. In this beautiful country the drinking age is 20 and public drinking is perfectly legal. If you go to Japan you will realized that the drinking is a huge part of Japanese culture. The one of the best ways to get drunk is finding a bar. Some of these bars are very traditional and some are modern. All of them are loud and full of people. Inside Japanese bars you can meet a lot of friendly guys and beautiful girls. They have got there really good beer. You should try it. Continue reading

Japan – the country of festivals

Festival TimeIf you go to Japan you have noticed that there seems to be a lot of festivals that take place in various prefectures. You can ask: why do they have so many festivals? And I will tell you: because there are a lots of temples and shrines and each of them have at least one festival annually. Most of festivals are based around one event, with food stalls, entertainment, and carnival games to keep people entertained. These big festivals called Matsuri. There is no special days for this festival. Dates vary from area to area. Every local has at least one matsuri in late summer. Continue reading

Hiromono – the best souvenir from Japan.

HiromonoTattoo is one of the most popular forms of expression of our thinking and experience. Lots of people love them because this is something special, unusual often unique. There are many kinds of tatoo. Some of them could be black and with, some could be colorized. It depends on our vision. If you go to Japan, you should to know, that they have very special tradition of tattooing. The tradition of tattooing in Japan is called hiromono and it is dating back 10 000 years BC. Today you can make this kind of tatoo. Believe me, it is amazing. Continue reading